The Top 7 Foods to Serve at an Adult Toy Party

Many different things have to be taken into consideration when it comes to planning an adult toy party. From displaying the merchandise to coming up with a series of fun and ice-breaking games to play, it’s important to cover all of your bases. If there’s one thing that you don’t want to overlook, it’s food. Having the right food can help make your party a smashing success. Below, you’ll find seven great foods to serve at adult toy parties.

Fruit Trays – Why should everyone who attends your party feel guilty about the fattening foods that they eat? By offering a fruit tray, you’ll give people a healthy option. Besides, there’s always some sort of delicious fruit in season. Serve with a special dip, or all alone!

Veggie Trays – Like fruit trays, veggie trays are healthy and flavourful ways to enhance the food choices at your adult party. Who doesn’t love carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes and other neat treats? Sliced up veggies are the perfect finger foods, and they’re definite crowd-pleasers as well. When artfully arranged, a veggie tray can actually brighten up a room, too!

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries – There is something undeniably decadent about chocolate-covered strawberries, which is why they are perfect for an adult party. Make sure to use high-quality chocolate to ensure a tasty treat.

Tortilla Chips and Salsa – If you have a knack for cooking, why not whip up some delicious homemade salsa? You could make mild, medium and spicy versions so that there’s something for everyone. Serve it up with some fresh tortilla chips and everyone is sure to love it!

Cheese and Crackers – Another foolproof combination is cheese and crackers. Invest in a variety of high-quality cheeses; choose a mixture of hard cheeses and soft cheeses to create a well-rounded selection. Make sure to offer several different types of crackers, too, so that people can come up with the combinations that are right for them. Few people will turn up their noses at cheese and crackers – it is a can’t-miss party idea.

Chicken Wings – Amid all of the fruits, veggies and cheeses, it’s smart to offer something from the meat category. Chicken wings are natural choices when it comes to party finger foods, since they are small and easy to nibble on. One caveat: Be sure to provide moist towelettes, especially if you serve barbecue chicken wings.

Kabobs – Finally, stuff skewers full of steak, chicken and a variety of different veggies to create mouth-watering kabobs. The guests at your party won’t be able to keep their hands off of these tasty treats – and they couldn’t be easier to prepare! It’s just one more way to add a dose of sophistication to your get-together.

What to Expect at Your First Adult Toy Party

Since they’ve become so incredibly popular, adult parties – especially ones that feature toys and other products – are being attended by more women than ever. If you’ve been thinking about going to one, but have held off because you just don’t know what to expect, you can get a basic idea by reading through the information below. Chances are, you’ll find that today’s adult toy parties are a whole lot different than you’d think.

It’s All About Fun

Firstly, although adult toys are often the main premise for throwing an adult party, the real reason that so many women enjoy these get togethers so much is because they are a lot of fun. Getting together with a lot of other women, nibbling on delicious appetizers and sipping on champagnes or cocktails are all a huge part of the allure of these parties. Being social is the main point of adult parties, so if you like being around other people and having a good time, you’re bound to have a blast.

Let the Games Begin!

No two adult parties are alike, but games are usually a part of the festivities. These games help those in attendance loosen up a bit, and allow them to get acquainted with one another. Usually, they are very silly and don’t involve any actual competition. The end result of the typical adult toy party game is a whole lot of laughter – especially when a decent amount of alcohol is flowing.

The Main Event

Once the games are through and everyone has had a chance to enjoy some food and drinks, the hostess of the adult party will usually unveil the toys that are for sale. Most of the time, she will have a special table set up, and will present them one by one. This way, women can ask questions as needed and can even handle the merchandise if they’d like to. Although there are many different party ideas for adults, the toys are always going to make an appearance at these parties. After all, they are the inspiration for adult toy parties!

Bring Home Something Fun

Even if you walk into an adult toy party feeling reticent, nervous or reluctant about making any purchases, after all of the ice breaking and festivities, you may end up bringing something fun home with you. There is usually a broad array of products for sale, from relatively tame ones to more risque choices. Remember to keep an open mind, and try to get into the spirit of things. This is a prime opportunity to learn more about adult toys without having to walk into a strange store, so don’t be afraid to pick something out and bring it home!


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Issues to Remember When Visiting Adult Websites

There are tons of adult websites on the internet nowadays. It is very common for use to visit these sites from time to time. In fact, there is nothing wrong when you are visiting these sites. You may just want to search for the best sex positions when you are visiting these sites. Yet, there are some points you need to remember when you are visiting them.

If it is possible, you should never use your private email address when you subscribe. Although the adult websites or the sites on the best sex positions may have their own privacy policy, it will be a lot safer if you do not use your private email address. The best way will be using some free email accounts such as Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and Gmail when if you want to subscribe.

You may need to pay for subscriptions to the adult website. You may think that you can just pay by using your credit cards. However, it can sometimes be dangerous for you to do so. The best situation will be that the websites accept payment using systems such as PayPal and Epassporte. If they do not, you can still use some online virtual credit cards. The advantage of using such online virtual cards is that the limit of it is usually very low. So, you cam minimize the loss if someone get your credit card information while you are surf on the web.

When you are trying to explore the best sex positions, you may probably need to visit some adult forums. Yes, it is very important for you to discuss with other people in order to discover more. You have to remember that you should never use your real name when you register. There is no need to do so. You can still access the forums if you do not use your real name. By doing this you can protect your own privacy.

An Ideal Age Must Be Valued For Online Chat Rooms

People are generally curious to know about many things such as, love, chat rooms, chat, and sex. There are many issues to talk about but many people usually find chat rooms an arena of showing and displaying their love and ended up with sex. Teenagers know many things about sex and love, but there should always be an ideal age to do something new or creative no matter if it is related to education, love or sex.

Parents should keep an eye on the behavior of their children no matter they uses internet for a short period of time. There is an ideal age to do something. There are many websites that has a content related to adults like sex, web cam sex, or love, which is not suitable for younger children or teenagers. Parents should allow their child to enter into the chat rooms that is totally based on education.

Internet is invented by human being only. Today children have learned to find the answer of their curiosity on internet. It gives children an easy access of their wanted or unwanted wants. Many websites are there, which allows free online chat for youngsters who are above 18 years and wanted to make new friends. There is a perfect time for everything. One should wait for that time patiently and enjoy the casual chat till then.

People may choose their type of environment for chat and they can also gift beautiful backgrounds to their close chat friends. Icons are also used most of the times to express people’s mood like smiley face, angry face, crying face and many other faces depending up on the mood.

Equal opportunities are given to every individual in case of giving opinions online as well as there is no such discrimination on grounds of gender and caste. For making a good impact on any individual, what all need is the skills of expression as well as fast typing speed. A good communicating skill will be certainly a plus point to make any conversation more fascinating and interesting.

In online chat rooms people should take care of their age and talk accordingly. They should value the time, money and age as well. Chat rooms are undoubtedly an interesting place where everyone can meet and discuss their problems, share their feelings and express love or whatsoever. One should always be of ideal age when they enter in any chat room.

How to Market Like a Teenage Girl on MySpace

Boy, can you imagine the look of disappointment on my face?

MySpace receives more monthly hits than Google! A total of 30 billion page views every month. If you’re a Google expert I know what you’re thinking. “Yeah right, that’s just 30 billion views of pimple-faced girls making kissy faces into mobile phone cams”.

That’s the excuse I’d been telling myself after I’d spent months of my life mastering AdWords and SEO. But it’s a terrible excuse.

More than half of MySpace visitors are over 35. They have lots of money and they are happy to spend it online. All mine and your efforts on Google would never touch them. MySpace users aren’t like anyone else online. They really use very little of the rest of the web.

I’d been advertising to Google because I thought everyone used it. As it turns out, there are MySpace internet “creatures” that don’t even say good morning to Google when they first turn on their browser at work.

I put away my lame excuses. “I need a piece of this spending web”, I thought. “If only I knew how to use MySpace like a teenage girl”.

Using MySpace Like a Teenage Girl

When I was growing up, using a computer was nerdy. But as I came into my mid-20’s, even the “cool kids” were meeting someone for the first time and saying, “Hey, do you have MySpace or MSN?”. The pick-up artists aren’t trying to get a girl’s “digits” any more. Now it’s all about the screen name on AIM or MySpace. But none are so skilled at making a lot of friends online as teens are.

You might think the MySpace boom has come and gone. Guess again. Over the next 6-12 months, the Internet will continue to change really quickly. That’s because of a fast adapting younger generation.

Some of these kids boast as many as 2,000 contacts! And if you hope to ever market as fast as a teenage girl creates a friend network in MySpace – you’d better learn these skills.


Put your spy goggles away. Don’t go CIA on your daughter’s MySpace conversations. This trend’s been going on long enough that adults in their 20s have either caught on, or like my 18-year-old brother, grown along with the trend.

My Friends Are MySpace Junkies

My friends are MySpace junkies. They come to visit my computer, not me.

As soon as they arrive, they mumble, “I’m just going to check my MySpace”. These guys literally live online and need to be connected at all times. Even after I pry their claw-fingers off my keyboard an hour later, they’ll spend the rest of their visit sending text messages. They’ll interrupt any conversation with me to take incoming mobile calls from their MySpace buddies. Mind you, I’m more mad because they seem to find those MySpace folks cooler than me.

When my visitor finally gets The Call, he announces that he’s off to meet “this hot chick”. But before he leaves, I have to sit through 23 kissy-face poses.

There are devious secrets.

One secret, I learned from my friend’s youngest sister. It was so evil, I couldn’t help but steal it. Master these tricks and you’ll have all the leads you want, targeted, and absolutely free.

“I Don’t Want to Pick Up From MySpace!”

Teenage girls want to build a “hot guy” network. Their profile is the tool they use to market themselves to their target market.

Obviously you’re not interested in building a “hot guy” network on MySpace. But what do we want to market? Your business? Your product?

Before we press ahead, understand that people on MySpace are there to
socialise and have a good time. No, you cannot enter their social world as a marketer. You WILL offend them and they’ll choose not to talk to you.

Are you kidding me? Trying to sell to a person who’s mad at you? Not a chance. I know you want to market your business and products, but first we have to attract the right target audience. Instead of a “hot guy” network, we want to build a network of entrepreneurs. Let’s blend in and be social. Let’s use our profile to market ourselves to Network Marketers.

Naughty Trick 1: The Profile Photo

A MySpace profile without a photo? Don’t bother.

You’ll be THE most unpopular MySpace kid. It’s the absolute first thing anyone sees when you add them. I’m talking about the default profile photo. An experienced MySpace guy uses his best photo. You know, the latest one of him shirtless leaning against his Japanese sport car, with flexed abs?

That photo is the most important item on your profile. If they don’t like that picture, or worse, if you don’t have one at all, there’s a good chance your request won’t even be opened.

But don’t take shirtless photos. This is a professional MySpace page where you’ll network with your subscribers, clients, and employees. Use a professionally taken, smiling, high resolution photo of your face. Wear power colours and look straight into the camera. This automatically makes you “good looking”, even if you’re not, because people are attracted to others who smile and appear to have authority.

Naughty Trick 2: Make an Attractive MySpace Profile

When you request a connection with a new contact, don’t take it for granted they’ll just look at your profile picture preview and then accept your invitation. They’ll click through to your profile to see if they LIKE you first.

That’s why teenage girls create attractive profiles that grab attention fast: Animations and video attract eyeballs, background audio forces you to start listening, and slide-shows showcase all their photos. MySpace pages are rarely ever well made. But people don’t care, as long as there are a lot of interesting photos. And that’s how they “sell” themselves to one another.

They know to attract the opposite sex they need photos in certain poses and outfits. This is how they show their value to potential visitors of their profile.

You want the attention of Network Marketers.

Could you begin with a quote from a motivational speaker like Jim Rohn? Or could you show off some of your lifestyle photos of your travels? Maybe you should use photos of your cars and toys. But nothing is more effective than relating an experience your MySpace visitors will identify with. Careful not to give a review or a testimonial about your product, though.

You’re a Network and Internet Marketer. This is what you do. Try to think back to your pre-marketing days and talk like you would about your hobby, career, or studies. Command attention fast by creating simple, attractive, and fun profile layouts. There are many customisations you can easily make.

On your profile page, find a natural way to refer to your products and link
the reference to the sales letter.

For example, you could say, “I had a lot of trouble marketing my home business because I didn’t have money to spend. Last week I discovered this video series (link here) and I’m hoping it’s the answer I need. *fingers crossed*”

See how I’m relating an experience as a student of marketing. Notice how I’m promoting myself as a fun and valuable friend to have. I put an image in your head of a comical me with crossed fingers. And maybe you smile. You want to be my friend, right?

Naughty Trick 3: The *Evillest* of All

My friend’s baby sister did the strangest thing.

She was really proud of the 2,000 “friends” on her MySpace profile. And she loved to tell me and her brother her online adventures. One day I noticed her browsing through girls’ profiles and adding them to her contact list. But not just any girls. She always picked the prettiest one on someone’s friends list, requested a connection, and then browsed through that list of friends.

Curiosity got the better of me and I asked, “Hey, Dana, how come you’re browsing the friends list for that girl?”

“The prettiest girls always have the most guys,” she said with a smile. “See, I get on her list and now I can make friends with all her guy friends.”

How incredibly genius!

Of course it didn’t occur to me right away to use her idea for marketing. But can we adapt this naughty trick to strategically build a friend network of targeted “leads” on MySpace?

It’s a shortcut, isn’t it?

You find someone else who already attracts your target market and make friends with them and their network of friends. That’s how we meet people in social situations. You make friends with someone and as your relationship develops, they introduce you to their circle of friends. And you introduce them to yours.

Network marketing gurus, leaders, authors, and celebrities always attract a massive circle of Network Marketers. Go ahead and browse the friends list of Randy Gage, for example. There’s a good chance you’ll find Agel reps in his downline, crossline, and upline. You’ll find other Network Marketers who bought his prospecting CDs. You’ll even find the internet marketers who bought his home study copyrighting

Does that sound like your target audience for your network marketing funded proposal? I hope you’re nodding.

Naughty Trick 4: Be Genuinely Social.

You better be prepared to be social. Don’t just add all of Randy Gage’s friends. Send a short message along with your request. This teenage trick is straightforward and you may be tempted to ignore it
because it sounds like work. But here’s why you need it:

Every once in a while you run into a spoilt MySpace creature. This one has been bugged by so many people online that they now claim to only add people they know. If they see your display picture and don’t recognise you, they’ll deny your request to make a connection. Yes, and you guessed it, they won’t visit your profile either.

By sending a private message along with your request, you automatically get a second chance to have them visit your page. No one can resist checking a personal message written to them.

Think about how you itch to answer your mobile when the caller’s ID is blocked. Or how you can’t resist opening a letter addressed to you even if you don’t know the sender. Right?

And if you’ve done your job right and written a good personal message, that person will write back to you. You MUST always respond. They’re Network Marketers like you. Chances are they’re facing the same problems you did before. You’ve got a lot in common and you’re more experienced which gives you automatic value. And that’s attractive.

Naughty Trick 5: Get Their Attention Again and Again.

This was a pretty crazy trick I first noticed in Facebook and Bebo. It works on MySpace’s “Friend Updates” module too. So listen carefully.

Every time you change something on your profile, your current list of contacts sees an alert telling them about the latest changes that you made to your profile. MySpacers often delete one of their own photos and then upload it again. Guess why?

Whenever they put the photo up again, all of their contacts will see a preview of it on their own profiles. This is a naughty trick that gets their friends to visit or revisit the profile to see the “new” photo. That rekindles interest from people who added them before but didn’t maintain a relationship.

In MySpace you can make bulletin posts, comment on people’s profiles and photos, change your mood in your profile, blog in your MySpace blog, and update your photos.

Want a second chance to get people to view your promotional videos?

Regularly use all of these tools to bring your social Network Marketer contacts back to your profile.

Adult Toys – Uses and Care

There can be no denying that when it comes to sex, nothing beats the real thing. However, one cannot also ignore the popularity of several sex toys and the continued introduction of newer models to satisfy a demanding market. This market is growing and as such we should pay attention to how people integrate these items into their sex lives. You should be aware that sex toys can also be used to enhance your sex lives and bring you and your partner to a new level of closeness and intimacy.

Loosely defined, sex toys are devices meant to pleasure the user sexually, usually used on erogenous parts of the body. There are a lot of sex toys available in specialty shops and through the internet, though most condom retailers are offering a product called the vibrating ring.

Probably the most common and most popular sex toy is the vibrator. Majority of its users are women, and most admitted to curiosity as the primary reason for initial usage. Though some prefer to use vibrators in private, it can also be used with a partner. For heterosexuals, vibrators can be handy when the guy comes off too fast. It can also be a part of your foreplay, to arouse you and your partner to greater heights. In instances when the vibrator is shared, as in lesbian couples, slip a condom over it before inserting into the vagina and put a new one before handing it to your partner. Make sure that it is also properly cleaned before storing.

Dildos are also quite popular among the ladies, as they mimic the shape, texture, and size of a real penis, though they require considerably more effort than battery operated or rechargeable vibrators. Again, it would do some good if you slip on a condom over it before using, especially among lesbians who use it to pleasure their partners. And even if you are using it alone to masturbate, a condom would still be advisable unless you are pretty sure your storage place is totally devoid of germs and other irritants.

There is also one recently introduced product that is fast gaining a loyal following, the vibrating ring. It is a device that is slipped on the penis, and over a condom, and is used to enhance the pleasure of both partners. The vibrating ring has a small battery within the rubber casing. Women who have tried it claim of achieving multiple orgasms through the use of vibrating ring. And the best part of this is that men can take part of the action, too. A vibrating ring is known to extend the erection of the penis. It also has bumps and raised surfaces for heightened pleasure. And because it is stretchable, a vibrating ring can accommodate any size of penis. Vibrating ring users also revel in the fact that this device is portable, easily concealed and thus can be carried almost anywhere.

Though the use of sex toys to achieve self-gratification is an effective method of birth control, don’t think it will turn you away from the pleasure of real, consensual sex. With the availability of contraceptives and protective devices such as condoms and pill, sex is and will always remain to be life’s most enjoyable activity. However, there is still no denying that dildos, vibrators, and the vibrating ring afford much pleasure to their users and will continue to enjoy great popularity.

Care to Chat?

The story of a girl

Her dark, heavily painted eyes glance up at the webcam as she checks her settings. Not self conscious, but clearly on stage already… and ready… and ready… and GO!

“Hiya beautiful peopllllllle!” (cue sweet smile, tilt of the head, quick flash of sclera). “My name’s Boxy,” she sings in her Jersey drone “and today I want to say a few words abouuut…” Her eyes fix on the ceiling and an index finger goes into her mouth as she drags out the ‘t’. She’s petit, crazy and just freaky enough to make her a little sexy.

“Oh!” she exclaims as an interrupting thought flits through her scattered brain. It renders her temporarily school-marm-esque. She wags a chastising finger at the webcam…At you.

“You’all have been saying that I take drugs! No, no, no. No drugs, no sex, no rock and roll.” she returns to her original thread smiling smugly. “Ummmmmmmmmm… I just wanted to say thatttt,” She’s weird. Compellingly weird. “I LOVE YOU GUYYYYYSSSS!” Her fingers form a heart in front of the cam.

The internet. A different culture / Internet culture

Boxy is an internet craze. Like all internet crazes she surfs on the outer edges of normal, fits nowhere and has never heard of your comfort zone. She doesn’t embarrass herself in front of the camera, although any one of us normal nine to fivers would be mortified to see ourselves cast that way in cyberspace. Not Boxy. She’s whacky enough simply not to care.

Boxy posted her first video-blog on 4chan (the site where all internet memes are born) about six years ago. Astonishingly, the titanium-bound jadedness of the 4chan audience melted in front of her sheer loopiness. 4chan fell in love that day, and Boxy became their mascot, their Delilah and their little sister. The content of her spoken blogs was puerile at best, mad at worst, with dippity-doodah on the side and an extra serving of ‘WTF?’ all over the plate. Over the next two years, Boxy posted some twenty similarly inane video blogs until eventually harassment from the internet swarm put a stop to her burlesque. The same audience that loved her tenderly at the beginning had grown obsessed – was it obsessed? Who knows what goes through these geeks’ minds. They hacked her MySpace account, sent strange parcels to her house, phoned her parents proposing marriage and generally carried on like a pack of twelve year old boys trying inappropriately to get attention from the prettiest girl in the school by bullying her arse thoroughly.

Behind the scenes

It’s easy to imagine Boxy tripping through the whole experience on daffydil heads but what did the girl behind the kooky avatar on the video blog really feel? Who was she anyway, a confused child? A young woman struggling to come to terms with her identity? Did she receive the libertine attention of 4chan with lunatic delight? Or was she dismayed? Did the pranksters of 4chan ever think that they would terrify or humiliate her? Most likely not. Their frivolity wasn’t aimed at that young woman. It was aimed at Boxy. Boxy who has never existed. Boxy who never had real feelings or genuine human responses.

Online I’m Martha, offline I’m Arthur / Online personalities

If she was in any way typical of the web community, Boxy had an online personality and an offline personality. The internet can be acutely intimate but it is intimate one step removed. You are face to face and not. You chat your heart out but no one sees your polar-fleece and slippers. Strangers share their most intimate anguishes, sexual fantasies and histories. We are at once too protected, too private and too exposed. We are at once real and fantastic. Free to express ourselves in whatever way we choose without consequence, without limits; floating hearts in space. And therein lies the problem. The reality and the fantasy can disagree brutally with one another.

“Not me!” you say? Think about it a little. As we flit around our chatrooms, our Facebook accounts and our forums we tend to do much the same thing as Boxy, albeit on a lesser scale. We don’t exactly lie but we also don’t present our real selves as we are, sitting late at night with the cat on our laps, coffee growing cold and full ashtrays stinking at our elbows. When we communicate online we are not past tired and a little bored. There are no bags under our eyes. Unhindered by our physical reality we are charming, brave, sexy, flirtatious and funny. We ROFLMAO without ever cracking a smile, we (blush) furiously while feeling nothing but tepid amusement and we colon-bracket wink saucily at one another when in fact, we’re slumped over the keyboard with deadpan faces and our arses hanging out of our tracksuit pants. We laughingly accept propositions that would normally result in a smart slap across a cheek with no more than a raised eyebrow. We tell. We reveal. In the absence of the sheer effort required by blatant face-to-face intimacy we are flat and safe behind the glass screen, protected by the incalculable space between enigmatic servers. There is no inhibition, no involuntary body language. No commitment. But all this titivation has its consequence.


You can’t shut down feelings when there is intimacy happening, even if it’s castle-in-the-sky intimacy over miles of blackness and emptiness and crackling wires. People fall in love over the internet. Not freaks. People just like you and I fall in love with complete strangers based on their text or Skype messaging. There are stories of people leaving their spouses or their cities to climb on that big jet plane in pursuit of internet love, stories of people who go as far as entering into online marriage vows (presumably adjusted for whatever criteria matter to them) and stories of people who are content to have long term romantic relationships through a telepresence on Skype with someone they never intend to meet in person. 28% of respondents to an online survey confirmed that their internet romance was their primary source of social interaction. Many confirm feeling closer to strangers on their Facebook page than they do to their own family. There are people asking questions like “is having cybersex cheating?”, “if you spend more time with someone online than you do with your spouse is it an affair?” and “how safe are our teenage girls from adult web predators?”

This is clearly not some harmless online recreation. It is a too-much, too-fast forum in which the time and effort commitments required from normal human interaction are absent while the potential to affect our real lives profoundly and unexpectedly still exists. It is becoming painfully evident that we are naïve when it comes to conducting ourselves safely or appropriately within the context of cyberspace. We may think of it as a playground, but there is a good chance that our entry fee will turn out to be an unwitting offering of raw, misplaced human emotion.

6 Explosive Adult Toys for Beginners

If you have never known the joy of plastic, silicone, injection moulding, and what happens when you combine it all with a little whirring motor… you’re in for a treat! For those who have never experienced adult toys, it can be a strange and unusual world. Start small – here we look at some of the best toys for beginners.

Lubes and lotions

If you’ve never used a sex toy, it’s also highly possible you’ve never experienced the joy of lubricant… which makes everything that you’ve done dozens of times before magically feel heaps better! Go for cheap and easily available water-based lube, long-lasting silicone, or exotic warming and cooling lotions. Just make sure you use ‘protection’ for your


You know where your most powerful sexual organ is located… between your ears. And no, it isn’t your nose! Lingerie can help you see yourself, or your partner, in a different light, and is a gentle introduction to toys.

Cyberskin Toys

If you’re new to the idea of using things other than human bits in your playtime, Cyberskin is a fantastic way to start. It has an ultra-realistic feel, and isn’t necessarily as intimidating as glittery purple plastic!

Egg and Bullet Vibrators

These tiny little gems of joy are discreet and easy to use. Because egg and bullet toys are so small, they fit right in with whatever you’d usually do – just adding a little buzz to the experience. Most have varying speed levels built in… and if you’re into the ‘shared secret’ experience, you can also get remote control vibrating knickers or insertable eggs, which your partner can turn on and off at will while you’re out in public.

Cock rings

For guys that haven’t had much experience with sex toys, cock rings can be a great place to start. Choose a cock-only ring to start with, as opposed to a cock-and-balls ring. Cock rings will help you last a little longer and get more pumped up.

Dildo Vibrators

These toys combine the best of both worlds, both standard and vibrating stimulation. If you want to buy your first toy to last, choose a vibrating dildo!

adult toys

The Advantages of Silicone Adult Toys

What is silicone? What makes silicone sex toys different from other adult toys available on the market? Silicone is a non active manufactured compound that has a similar feel to rubber and is heat resistant. It’s free from phthalates (substances added to plastics to make them longer lasting and more flexible) which are thought to harbour chemicals which may result in mutagenic and carcinogenic effects on the skin. Some less expensive sex toys in the adult marketplace still contain phthalates which could or could not cause harm to the skin.

Silicone Adult Toy Advantages

Silicone sex toys are usually made from superior quality medical grade silicone which is used in medical applications as well. Medical grade silicone is perfectly suited to the making of adult toys because it is strong and tough. Silicone toys for adults also have many other plus points when compared with less expensive alternatives. As previously stated, they do not have phthalates in them. They also have the quality of being silky smooth to the touch and are soft enough to be inserted easily but rigid enough to retain their shape and hence provide real satisfaction. Silicone adult toys are also odourless, tasteless, hypoallergenic, anti allergic, waterproof (therefore easy to clean) and non toxic. Their durable properties also allow them to be heated up, cooled down and even washed in the dishwasher! A number of toys for adults made from silicone come with the added benefit of having some flexibility meaning they can be made into different shapes bringing about an easier way to target your sweet spot.

Silicone Sex Toy Brands

There are a number of brands that famous for their assortment of silicone sex toys. Fun Factory Sex Toys are so uniquely styled that they have achieved awards for their innovative designs. Their high quality products include male sex toys, clit massagers, vaginal balls, anal sex toys and strapless strap ons. Tantus Sex Toys are also renowned for their original designs and quality products which are on the whole made up of vibrators and dildos that are suited for anal or vaginal pleasures, and butt plugs. The majority of their colourful adult toys have flared bases which makes them compatible for harness use.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay For Silicone Adult Toys

As with all high quality items sex toys made from silicone do retail at a higher cost than cheaper alternatives with a number of silicone adult toys having a recommended retail price of up to £100. Nonetheless it is possible to also get a good quality silicone vibrator, dildo or anal toy for around £20. It’s well worth paying the initial outlay if you reflect that while some cheaper adult toys could only last a few years, silicone adult toys are durable enough to keep going for a considerable number of years to come. The fact that they can be warmed or cooled (increasing the array of sensations you can experience) and are also waterproof are more advantages.

Adult Friend Finder Review – Is it Quality?

The following article is an adult friend finder review, geared towards describing the features, positives, and negatives of the dating site. The first thing which should be discussed is that this is an adult dating site, and is strictly for people who are eighteen years of age or older. Also, this site has explicit material which some people may find offensive. With that in mind, if you’d like to learn more about the features of this adult dating site, then read on!

Adult Friend Finder Review

Now Adult Friend Finder has been online since 1996, and now boasts an impressive 23 million registered members. If you are the type of person who is looking for love, or an exclusive and serious relationship, Adult Friend Finder is definitely not for you. The members here are mostly interested in finding casual relationships with people of the opposite or same sex. If you are going to choose a site which deals mainly in “fling” relationships, then you’re going to want the most selection and options possible. With the absolutely massive user base, Adult Friend Finder definitely provides the most selection in people, but how about with features?


Adult friend finder gets a positive review in the features category. They offer all the options someone could ever want in an adult dating website. You can browse photos of people, sorted however you would like them to be. They offer you local searches, searches specific to sex, age, and even body type. You can upload your own photos and there are virtually no limits on the explicit nature of the content. Adult friend finder offers live video chat rooms, which can be private 1 on 1’s or public domain, as well as standard chatting for those who do not have web-cams.

The site allows you to meet people based on desired relationships as well. Simple 1-on-1 sex is the most popular category, but there are literally dozens to choose from. If you are gay, straight, or bisexual, the site can accommodate exactly what you are looking for. They even have options for swingers, voyeurs, fetishes, bondage, and S&M lovers.


Adult Friend Finder again earns a positive review for their membership structure. You are allowed to sign up completely for free, which gives you access to limited features. The reason we love this site is because their free trial membership allows you to browse other members photos, and even chat and message them! Most sites do not give this out for free.

You can update to a silver membership for $100 or a gold for $150. Each of these memberships brings new advantages. Because they slow the search speeds for the free members, you are granted faster searches as well as expanded options. Also, video chatting is disabled for non-paying members.


Our overall review of Adult Friend Finder is a positive one. For people who are looking for an online dating site which is adult in nature, this is definitely the top choice. Given it’s naughty nature, the site is susceptible to fake members or people who are running scams. Our recommendation is to be mindful of who you are connecting with and always make sure to screen people for authenticity before divulging too much personal information or setting up a meet up.